Size Conversion Chart

UK 6-8 (XS) 16 6.5-7
UK 6-8 (XS) 16 7
10-12 (MEDIUM) 17 7
12-14 (LARGE) 17 7.5
14-16 (LARGE) 18 7.5-8
16-18 (LARGE) 18 8
18-20 XL 20 8
20-22 XXL 22 8.5

Please note that the above is a guideline only; however typical clothe size sometimes may not correspond to wrist or neck size, so if you would like to be extra sure , before placing your order, measure your neck or wrist with a string; place or drape string at desired length on wrist or neck, cut string and measure. This will give you your exact size. For the wrist, add an extra '0.75' to get bracelet size.

All sizes are in inches

If you would like to measure your exact necklace/bracelet length, drape a string around your neck/wrist, at preferred length, cut that string and measure.